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ансамбль старинной музыки
Руководитель: Юрий Поляков

Блокфлейты: Илья Ганузин,
Евгения Цыбаева, Юрий Поляков
Виолончель: Александра Писарева
Ударные: Максим Иванов
Вокал: Ольга Столярова
The ensemble of ancient music HORTUS MUSICUS MAGICUS was organized on the initiative of its artistic director Yuri Polyakov on may, 2002. The ensemble is the first and unique group in Yaroslavl, completely devoted itself to performance of secular West-European music of Middle Ages and Renaissance. Its repertoire consists of the music of XII-XVI c.c. - from songs to complex polyphony, from ancient dances to instrumental suites, from lyricism of trubadours to madrigals. The ensemble consistently revives the style and the manner of performing of bygone days. The base of ensemble forms the consortium of recorders. Violin, violoncello, guitar, various percussion instruments and vocalist participate in it too. In 2002 was written the first album of the group. Manager of public relations Ganuzin Valery:
Первый альбом (2002)
1.Trotto - anonim (XIV)
2.Per illud ave prolatum - Josquin des Pres (1451-1521)
3.Almande Poussinghe - Pierre Phalese (1583)
4.Ballo Milanese - Rerre Phalese (1583)
5.Gaillarde - Rerre Phalese (1583)
6.Almande Bruynsmedelijn - Rerre Phalese (1583)
7.Gaillarde la Lavandara - Rerre Phalese (1583) Скачать!
8. Fantasia - Johann Maria Tasso (XVI)
9.Ballo Anglese - Rerre Phalese (1583)
10.Ungaresca.Saltarello - Rerre Phalese (1583) Скачать!
11.Ballo Polonese - anonim (1598)
12.Gallicum sine nomine - anonim (XVI)
13.Fugger Tantz - Melchior Neusidler (1507-1590) Скачать!
14.Ein beurisch Tantz - Caspar Othmayr (XVI)
15. Brante Carre - anonim Скачать!
16.Canzona - Rerre Serton (1510-1572)
17.Welscher Tantz - anonim (XVI)
18.Gaillarde - anonim Скачать!
19.Branle Rat - anonim Скачать!
20.Hota he par la vertu goy - anonim (XVI)
21.Suesser Vatter - Henrik tsak (1450-1517)
22.Almande Bisarde - Rerre Phalese (1583) Скачать!
23.Almande - Rerre Phalese (1583) Скачать!
24.Tordion - Rerre Attaingnant (1529)
25.Schiarazula Marazula - Rerre Phalese (1583)
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